3D printing in the reusable components in the individualized 3D face mask

Outlier is a textile-nerd company, and also the ultrasuede material is made from polyester that’s soft, lies well, and is also fine, dense, and washable. It also constitutes a more conventional-looking pleated mask but check back often as its products swing in and out of stock.

For example, they are able to add text (like a manufacturer), upload personal files (for instance, their logo), go with a colour, and select a pack size through the available alternatives.

Cool Face Mask Design Creator With Quote plus a Sticker

These were the types of things running through my head as I walked around wearing my Heather Schwedel neck gator, expecting everyone within my sightline to stare or gasp. But nobody really did. One guy yelled at me to wear shoes, but I was wearing shoes, so he probably wasn’t someone to take advice from. After considered one of my first times attempting to use the thing out in the market and getting no reaction, I pulled out a compressed to test myself out and saw that I’d been wearing it the wrong way up. This made zero difference. Eventually, some people said items like, “Nice mask!” or pointed me over to anyone we were holding sitting with and laughed. I couldn’t smile or laugh back, I could only look kind of sad or mad at them as I said thanks.


Most custom T-shirt websites like Zazzle and Society6 are pivoting toward custom face mask. If you haven’t ordered through these sites before, don’t worry, they’re a piece of cake to utilize. You just upload an image or use a design tool to construct text and clip-art. If you don’t like how your print works out, it’s possible to give it back or ask for a reprint. You can even buy premade custom masks through these websites in order to save a couple of minutes of effort.